About K-Hearts-Kaleidoscoping Hearts

K-Hearts (Kaleidoscoping Hearts) Move-Meditate-Reflect-Integrate . Join us

No one part of the central nervous system works alone. Messages must go back and forth from one part to another, so that touch can aid vision, vision can aid balance, balance can aid body awareness, body awareness can aid movement, movement can aid learning, and so forth.
~Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

Pulelehua and Kaleidoscoping Hearts
My heart is leading me to share a gift from God via a mom’s broken heart.
My life recently felt like it had fallen apart and that the pieces were put into a kaleidoscope and all shook up.  The world took on an air of shattered pieces being held together with the love and support of friends and a faith in the connection to ALL.  While traveling this year after the crushing event of losing my son, I was gifted with time at an All Believers ashram in Bali.  It changed me in ways that allow me to see dance and goodness in all faith paths that are based in Love. Love is Love is Love is Love is Love. 

I need a way to move through all that is happening in my life… a physical, emotional and spiritual way to move.  So I have been studying and training and have come to find a moving meditation that combines BrainDance, the Welcoming Prayer, and the Liturgical Score taken from Sunday’s worship

 Kaleidoscoping Hearts
 Our hearts that break into pieces, from  lives lived in pain, are so like a kaleidoscope.  Strong emotional moments, lying near my heart, stay with me as butterflies from the past. And I become overwhelmed when they touch me.  A Kaleidoscope of grief butterflies seems to be part of my journey to carry and  help me daily.

What does it look like?
Gentle movements to music and to the sounds of nature combine with  various creative ways to express what we are experiencing.  We use Sacred Music including from Sunday Worship at Calvary by the Sea.

Classes vary from 45minutes to 3 hours, can be done by all physical ablility levels
 Join us 

Using guided meditation we move as we let go and welcome the indwelling Spirit who fills us and holds us as we go out through our lives and our days.  We come to know, that God is here right now in this moment.We will move thru BrainDance forms, to emphasize the process of sinking into the body, spirit and being.  (Skills examples, body boundaries, sinking into the feelings in the body, choices, balance, memory,  paying attention, accepting, letting go of labels, feeling the spirit within, breathing, moving with intent, processing emotions in the body )
We take time to reflect on our experience with God. this might be sitting quietly or using artistic expression (clay, drawing with various mediums, rhythm instruments, creative movement, journaling, laughing, etc.)  taking into account your intention.
Closing with a 3 minute Braindance to ground us as we reintegrate into the world

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