Balance your mind body & spirit!

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Find balance through Moving Meditation for Physical, Social, Mental, Spiritual Balance. Gently guided by Pulelehua Quirk lead by the Indwelling Spirit.

We are moving through the themes:Focus, Balance, Connectivity, Interconnection, Alignment, Strength, Centering, Relationships. Integration.

This practice builds and revitalizes our neurological systems through BrainDance and guided imagery as we sink into our bodies more fulling experiencing the world.  Using the Welcoming Prayer  we embrace our life experiences and invite the indwelling spirit to fill us.




Guided Meditation videos and audio


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More Guided Meditation videos and audio

Audio Guided Meditations

  1. Listen to a 2.5 minute introduction to the welcoming prayer :
  2. Follow along with Pulelehua: a 40 minute BrainDance Meditation Practice at the beach